NanoSec WHAT?

NanoSec is a newly created technical Information Security conference that focuses on all things security for Asia Pacific region, specifically Malaysia.

Our aim is to create a vendor-neutral platform for Asian researchers with cutting edge papers for them to present their research to the community.

We would want to see more local talents to share their research with the world and interact with fellow researchers / professionals of similar mindset.


Who’s Behind NanoSec?

NanoSec is run by a dedicated group of local IT Security professionals, with the help of volunteers from the community. We are doing this on our own free time out of passion, in hope of making both InfoSec industry and community better.


Interested to volunteer for NSC?

Everyone is volunteering a few hours of their life to ensure the success of NSC. None of us here are getting paid to organise the event. If you’re interested to volunteer, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] Final year IT students are highly encouraged to join.