Dr.Nguyen Anh Quynh is a regular speaker at numerious industrial cybersecurity conferences such as Blackhat USA/Europe/Asia, Defcon, Recon, Eusecwest, Syscan, HackInTheBox, Hack.lu, Deepsec, XCon, Confidence, Hitcon, Opcde, Shakacon, Brucon, Zeronights, Tensec, H2HC, etc. He also presented his researches in academic venues such as Usenix, IEEE, ACM, LNCS. His contribution to the field lays foundation for various innovative works in the cybersecurity industry & academia.

As a passionate coder, Dr. Nguyen is the founder and maintainer of several open source reversing projects: Capstone (http://capstone-engine.org), Unicorn (http://unicorn-engine.org) & Keystone (http://keystone-engine.org).