Professor Eshraghian  is best known in international arena as being one of the fathers of CMOS VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) having influenced two generations of researchers in both academia and industry.  In 1979, he joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, after spending some ten years with Philips Research, both in Australia and Europe. In 1994, he was invited to take up the Foundation Chair of Computer, Electronics and Communications Engineering in Western Australia, and became Head of School of Engineering and Mathematics, and Distinguished University Professor and subsequently became the Director of Electron Science Research Institute. In 2004 he founded  Elabs as part of his vision for horizontal integration of nanoelectronics with those of bio and photon-based technologies, thus creating a new design domain for System on System (SoS) integration. In 2007 he was the holder of inaugural Ferrero Family Chair in Electrical Engineering and visiting Professor of Engineering at University of California Merced prior to his move in 2009 to CBNU, Korea, as Distinguished Professor to lead the World Class University initiative. He has co-authored six textbooks, has lectured widely in very large scale integrated and multi technology systems and has over 40 patents. His current interests remain in the area of nanotechnology within the arena of computational neuro-science.