Ever since I was a little boy I loved playing with computers, taking them apart and trying to improve them. I always have been intrigued by how a human made those things work, so I wanted to do that too. Break in order to make it better.

All I ever wanted was to make the world a better place, or at least try to help making people better. I even attended medical school, making people better in the most literal sense of the word.
That didn’t work out for me. I’ve been fortunate to work around the globe since and met a lot of amazing people who all helped me growing my vision.

I believe that machines can help us, autonomously. These machines will reduce the impact of outbreaks by limiting the operational window of the attack.

Prevention? No, we cannot prevent outbreaks, ever. There is always that next new thing. Reduce the window of opportunity for these attacks to spread? Yes, as close to zero as possible.

I believe in a network that helps humans to achieve their dreams, not vice versa.

Why? It is simple. I do not want to be bothered by attacks not aimed at me. I don’t want to be collateral damage.

When I order stuff from China, I expect the vessel or plane that carries my package to arrive fast and safely, without being disturbed by a cyber-attack.

And I believe this is possible. We can make people better, all we need is each other to make it happen.