Training Details

This 2-days course pack with a hands-on focus on the phase after getting access on a target, the phase that not usually be the case in a traditional vulnerability assessment and penetration test.

There are 2 mains topics to be discussed during this course and they are Privilege Escalation and Data Exfiltration. On each topic, facilitators will help the participants to gain an understanding of the concept of both.

Various method in performing both privilege escalation and data exfiltration will be discussed throughout this course. Participants will be provided with access to both cloud-based lab and virtual machine, which is to be deployed locally. These target systems will be the practice for the hands-on exercises during the session. These practical exercises will help the participants to obtain the first-hand experience in performing privilege escalation and data exfiltration, in a controlled environment.

By end of this course, participants regardless from offensive or defensive roles would be able to apply the knowledge in their day-to-day activity.


Course Objective

  • Able to enumerate information to help in privilege escalation
  • Acquire practical knowledge and experience of privilege escalation using various method covering both Windows and Linux environment
  • Understanding how data exfiltration works
  • Choosing the right method in data exfiltration depending on the target environment
  • Acquire practical knowledge and experience in data exfiltration.
  • Identify indication of malicious activity with regards to data exfiltration



This training is designed to suits well for both junior-level and above. However, the following will be an advantage for the participants:

  • Familiar with Windows and Linux command line.
  • Basic understanding in penetration test
  • Basic understanding in incident response/forensics
  • Basic scripting knowledge


Lab Hardware Requirement

Hands-on exercise will require participants to have a machine with at least the following specifications:

  • A laptop (with travel adapter, if applicable)
  • Minimum of 50GB free disk space
  • Minimum of 8GB memory
  • Administrator/root privileges
  • Able to disable antivirus and other protection, if required
  • Able to connect to the internet


Target Audience

Both offensive and defensive infosec professionals are welcomed. It suits everyone in infosec industry which include but not limited to the followings:

  • Penetration Testers
  • Security Operation Analysts
  • Incident Response Team
  • Red or Blue Teamers