Workshop: OSINT Using Maltego



DATE: Tuesday, 12th October 2021
TIME: 0800H – 1200H MYT/GMT+8
VENUE: Online via Zoom

Workshop Trainer

Workshop Summary


The Maltego workshop program will teach participants a systematical, methodological approach to design, setup, and conduct investigations through open sources.This course provides all the training you need to get the most from this versatile software tool. You will be able to apply Maltego & Transforms productively to your professional investigations & integrate it into your everyday workflow.



Getting acquainted with the different sources of OSINT available to a security analyst can be a daunting task even with the use of a tool like Maltego. During this course, we will help you unlock the true potential and raw power of Maltego – from helping you to understand the underlying technologies to exploring the full potential of Maltego’s analytic capabilities.

The success of any online investigation relies on the information you can find and how it can be related to what you already know. We will show how 100’s of public information sources can be queried and how you can find meaningful relationships in their results.



  • Collect data for your own investigations and projects from many OSINT sources by using transforms
  • Entities and transforms available in Maltego
  • Display your findings in easy-to-understand graphs
  • Supplement the built-in Transforms with additional Transform add-ons from theMaltego Transform Marketplace (so-called Hub)
  • Customize the software settings and Transform parameters to suit your needs
  • Analyze the automatically created links on a large visual canvas
  • Importing CSV and datasheet in Maltego


Key Takeaways

  • Maltego as Personal Search Engine
  • Profiling people and organizations
  • Collect data for your own investigations and projects from many OSINT sources by using transforms



  • Basic knowledge of Information Technology and attitude to the use of IT tools.
  • Basic knowledge of Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence
  • Maltego client
  • Participants with a laptop configured with the following software:

o Minimum 8 GB RAM
o Minimum 50 GB Storage
o Google Chrome (latest version)
o Microsoft Office or equivalent software (Open Office)