Dear Students,

GCC 2021 Online, hosted by AIS3 Taiwan, is now calling for students. This camp is co-hosted by local cybersercurity communities from Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Due to the travel restrictions during this pandemic, GCC 2021 will be running fully online.

Malaysia will be sending FIVE (5) Malaysian students to join the 4-weekend camp (16 Jan – 7 Feb) to exchange experience, forge a life-long friendship, and learn from the best cybersecurity professionals from different countries.

The topics for this round cover honeypot, IoT security, threat modelling, cryptography, APT malware analysis, behavior analysis and softskill development. A CTF will be running during the camp.

This is a non-commercial education program and the communities that organize the program are supported by industry leaders who care about the safe digitalization of the world.

To grab a seat in this security camp, you are required to:
1. Email your curriculum vitae to [email protected]

Candidate’s traits that we are looking for:
1. Exhibit well balanced of technical and soft skills
2. Show traces of contribution to the local cybersecurity community

Selected student will be contacted via email for the next round of phone interview.

For more information, please visit:

Thank you and hope to see you in GCC 2021.