Yesterday (02/10/19), NanoSec with the help of students from Universiti Kuala Lumpur had the opportunity to share a talk with Secondary and University students on the basic awareness in Security on how to protect themselves online.

It was a great talk led by our co-founder Mr Razwan Mokhtar as the students were exposed to a real life scenario on Ransomware (or Handsome-Ware 🤣 coined by our crew), online and offline scams, social engineering and identifying website scams and how attacks being done.

The students responded positively to our talks even though they’re not IT students. This is what NanoSec wants to promote, it’s about awareness and to educate the future leaders on the importance of security for everyone.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to all NanoSec’s crew (who attended the talk and supporting) and lecturers who supports our movement in educating and promoting awareness in security.

We also want to share our new initiative NanoSecEDU to all students and lecturers that is interested in joining us, please feel free to email us at with the keyword NanoSecEDU

With this I really hope the community will support us for the betterment of our future leaders.

Thank you!